The Holidays from A Beautiful End

With the holidays approaching the whole team here at A Beautiful End would like to just take the time and say that we are truly thankful for all of the love and support you all have shown us! Because of you we have been able to take our music to a while different level, and with you we will continue to do so! Thank you for coming to the shows and packing out the venues, thank you for buying our merchandise and showing your support… but most of all… thank you all for believing in 4 guys from SE Oklahoma and sharing our music with everybody! We cannot begin to express our gratitude for every single one of you. Thank you for coming up to us before and after the shows and letting us spend time with all of you and take pictures and give autographs…. it is truly our honor to have the opportunity to get to do this for you all each time we hit that stage.

Remember when you all sit down tomorrow, put away all of your burdens, all of your grievances and all of your anger and remember exactly what Thanksgiving is truly about! Give thanks for all that you have, give thanks for the things you have and not the things you do not. Most importantly, give thanks that you got to spend one more day with somebody close to you!

Happy Thanksgiving from Clark, Dreaux, Jason, Monk, Dougo and Randy.

-A Beautiful End | Team A.B.E-

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Hometown Throwdown Part 1 – In the books!

Man oh man we can’t tell you how much we loved playing for you all last night! The stage was set, the air was crisp (outside haha) and you the fans…. you absolutely PACKED TROPHYS OUT! You all packed that place to capacity so let us say this…. Thank you SO MUCH FOR SHOWING YOUR SUPPORT! We cannot tell you how much it means to us for you to come to our shows night after night and show your support… and in our hometown no doubt…. we are truly humbled! Tonight is Hometown Throwdown Part II and we can’t wait to see all of your faces tonight! We are ready to bring you a show like you have never seen before in your life… So here’s the deal… we are going to give you everything that we have but you have to feed it back to us!

McAlester…… Are You Ready?!

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And we are rollin’….

Did you have an opportunity to catch our show last night at Payne County Expo Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma for the Stillwater Chapter of DeMolay? We had an absolute blast last night, it was amazing to share the stage with other great acts and to be able to interact with so many people! We were on our game last night (not to sound cocky) but it was sounding great!!! Dreaux had the opportunity to interact with just about everybody in attendance (and he did) and we all had the opportunity to hang out with you guys and gals after the show! We want to thank you all for coming out and showing your support, buying our stuff and feeding us so much energy on stage… it’s energy like that we take and harness and try and use it to amp our shows up to a whole new level!

Be sure to check our online merch booth as well as our tour list and see if we are coming to a city near you… and if we aren’t…. you know what to do… GET ON THE PHONE AND TELL THEM TO GET US THERE ASAP…. Or you’ll start a riot!!!

We will be hitting the studio again soon and have a lot of stuff we would like to tell you about but it’s just not the right time so with that being said….. We love you all… and we’ll see you next time!!!

Clark, Dreaux, Jason and Monk

-A Beautiful End-

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A Beautiful End Interviews with McAlester Matters

You know it’s very seldom that we do interviews, not from lack of interest but lets face it… being a small town band working our way up there just aren’t many opportunities, and even when there is it is at a show and we never see it anywhere… that was until Joseph Tricomo of McAlester Matters Blog contacted us to do a one of a kind exclusive interview with the band at “The Shack” practice house… so naturally we humbly obliged his request.

Let us start off by saying that it was such an outstanding evening, we felt as if we were on cloud nine and batting a thousand that night. All of us were spot on in preparing for our upcoming shows (September 13th 2014 at The Voodoo Lounge in OKC) would be the one we were definitely preparing for as of most recent! The words flowed out effortlessly and our time seemed as if we could have went on all night long.

We are sharing a few excerpts from that amazing interview but will not share the complete interview here, for full coverage please visit McAlester Matters official page. You can find pictures of us a long with fun facts and the full uncensored interview!

“They all seemed bigger than life to me. Intelligent, witty, funny, personable; and extremely musical. Lead singer Dreux Bryans’ voice alone; worth a ticket. They have everything. They are just not famous.”

“A Beautiful End has to be one of McAlester’s best kept secrets. The group once performed for a very enthusiastic crowd of over 3,000. They were the cover band.”

“When you listen to their music; and you will; peal back the layers of pure sound; the expertise of musical locomotion. This band isn’t just a four guys with some drums and guitars playing around.”

There is so much more that you should definitely check out and make sure to drop by their official Facebook page as well and show your support.


Until next time… we love you all… thank you all for the continued rock solid support! It’s because of you that we keep on trucking… one song… one lyric… one stage at a time!


— A Beautiful End —





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New single Changing Heaven (Live Acoustic) now available!

Sorry it took us so long to post this, we have been super busy preparing for our upcoming shows, working on a few others… not to mention our 3 song live acoustic release. Speaking of that…. our latest single (live acoustic) Changing Heaven is now available here and on ReverbNation! Definitely click on the playlist and check that out! Let us know on our official fan page what you think of the new song, we would definitely love to hear your feedback!

Find us at these links below… just click the names!





Also at the top of this page you can click the links to take you right to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more to purchase our latest album Points Of Origin!


Don’t forget our upcoming dates, so be sure to get your tickets for that as well… here are some upcoming tour dates (can also be found in the Tour section)!

September 13, 2014: Voodoo Lounge – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

September 29,2014: Downtown Lounge – Tulsa, Oklahoma

October 10, 2014: Payne County Expo Center – Stillwater, Oklahoma

Be sure to check out our online merch booth too and get your latest A.B.E Swag! (New stuff coming soon)!

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Points Of Origin Available at major retailers!

Well everybody, it goes without saying how truly excited we are for this! Our latest EP is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Slacker, and other fine retailers! You can get to these by doing a simple search or by clicking on the icons located on the top and bottom of this website! Special thanks to our marketing label iRock Nation for helping us achieve this goal. We are truly excited to be taking our music to the next level and getting it out there for the world to hear! So what are you waiting for? GO GO GO GET IT!!!

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