4 Days until Show time!

Hey all A.B.E fans! Remember, just 4 more days until we are down in the heart of West 7th in Fort Worth, TX at Landmark Bar & Kitchen to rock your face! Remember, admission is free, the drinks are cold… so is the weather, and the music will be ROCKING! Be sure to come join us October 21st, as we hit the stage at 10:00 PM to take on West 7th, courtesy of One Entertainment!

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Do you like free stuff?

A Beautiful End
Published by Randy Kaster

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Attention all A.B.E fans!

If you love A.B.E and love free stuff then we have something just for you!

In the spirit of our upcoming show in Fort Worth, Texas, and because we love giving stuff away to our fans, we have something JUST FOR YOU!

We are giving away 50 copies of our song “Reunite” from our album, The Life of the Jaded, to the first 50 fans who share our upcoming show at Landmark Bar & Kitchen Fort Worth with their friends! While you’re sharing it, let us know if you’re going to be there as you are NOT going to want to miss this show!!!

Already shared it? Message us directly for your unique code to redeem your exclusive copy!

What are you waiting for? Go share it before it runs out!


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Talk about local support!

It all started on July 17th, 2015… let us paint the picture. 4 great bands, 150 people, 4 1/2 hours of music and it all lead up to the biggest moment in our career! The bands were absolutely amazing… lets start there. We kicked off the night with a pre show VIP Acoustic Show for our VIP ticket holders. There is a video that was shared by a great fan that will give you a better idea, after a 30 minute acoustic set we did some Q&A with our very eager fans and then left the stage. Sign of Lies took the stage first and OH MY GOD they tore it up and really got the night started off right! Following them was a local favorite Shades of Grey and these guys continued the party by tearing it up and burning it down! They performed a load of covers and even some really nice originals in the mix… can you say Standing Ovation!? 3rd band of the night was our great friends and road brothers from Kirra (don’t act like you don’t know them by now!) and they lit the place on FIRE, we couldn’t ask for a better performance from any of the 3 supporting acts… they went above and beyond everybody’s expectations…a huge thank you out to them for being there on this very special night!

10:15 We hit the stage and open up with a track from our upcoming CD titled “Forthcoming” and the crowd erupted! From every lick on the guitar, every smack of the toms, every bass run and every lyric that came out of Dreaux’s mouth… the crowd hung on every single bit of it and gave every ounce of energy back to us that we gave to them! There wasn’t a soul left sitting by the middle of the first song and by the end of the set before the encore… our loyal and very supportive fans knew exactly why they had shown up that night… and so did we! Dougo Sims “our manager” and owner of Sims Entertainment took the stage along side our Marketing and Design Director Randy Kaster and made the label signing official in our home town by presenting us with a framed first run copy of our label signing poster… nice and framed! We then as a band and organization presented an unexpected (to him) copy of the same thing to Randy… actions spoke louder than words that night and we all knew that this is what we had all worked so hard for over the years!

We finished this epic night off with 2  more songs, including one request as we were ending the show with another song that will be on the new album titled “Runaway Child”.

There are many people we would like to thank for this wonderful opportunity and who made all of this possible… from the success, the label signing, the show…

A Beautiful End would like to thank first and foremost God almighty. We’d also like to thank Doug “Dougo” Sims of Sims Entertainment, Randy Kaster of iRock Nation, Sparky Sorenson of Sparkys Video Productions for taping the event… we can only begin to imagine how awesome this is going to be, Dallas Byles (also of iRock Nation) for helping us get some shows hooked up before the label signing show so we could spread the word, Darkstar Records / Sony Music Entertainment / Planetworks / MVD for taking a chance on a couple small timers from South East Oklahoma, all of our friends and family that showed up to work the event (there are so many to name.. you know who you are), you the fans for supporting us and buying our music.. without you this band is nothing more than a few melodies and some lyrics, InTune Guitar Picks for faithfully providing us with guitar picks since the very beginning, Silverfox Percussion for providing Jason with the sticks to slap the skins with, Mike Davis Music and Sound for providing us with equipment at the last minute (that’s some of that home town support y’all!) and last but certainly not least…. MJ Brickey from our local newspaper McAlester News Capital…. thank you for taking a chance on us and for the front page spot! We can not express how much the support means to us!

Please stick around everybody… it’s going to be one hell of a ride.. and you’re all on the train with us!

– A Beautiful End –

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We’re still here!

Sorry for the lack of updates everybody, you wouldn’t believe how busy we all have been! Putting together new tour dates, new music…. new offers for YOU! It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re having so much fun!

Listen in case you haven’t noticed we have a few more tour dates coming up and just secured our next date on April 25th, 2015 with Houston rock band Seldom on their Plastic Idols tour! Joining us that night as well is fellow rockers and friends Kirra from Oklahoma City to help us set it on fire at The Music Room in Oklahoma City!

Stay tuned for more updates to come…. there are a few you are not going to want to miss!

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2014 in the books, HELLO 2015!

Well 2014 is officially in the books and it marked a HUGE year for A Beautiful End, loads of shows, made loads of new fans and wrote tons of new music! Our last show of the year with Shotgun Rebellion was an absolute success and we couldn’t have been happier how we ended 2014! So with 2014 put behind us our sites are set on some major goals and projects for the new year, the possibilities are endless… while we would love to shed the light on what’s happening behind the scenes right now you can bet your bottom dollar that the time will be coming soon enough!

With that being said.. what are some of the things you would like to see in 2015? Exclusive fan club and personal meet and greets? Possibly a sit in on a recording session at the studio? Exclusive fan access to merch before the general public? How about All Access passes to our shows… where you not only get the best seat but you get to come behind the scenes at a show and hang out with the band RIGHT BEFORE WE HIT THE STAGE…. who knows… maybe you come up ON THE STAGE!

Let us know in the comment section below this post and we’ll be holding a poll on social media as well to get YOUR OPINIONS! IF YOU’RE HAPPY…. WE ARE HAPPY!

-A Beautiful End

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Hometown Throwdown Part 1 – In the books!

Man oh man we can’t tell you how much we loved playing for you all last night! The stage was set, the air was crisp (outside haha) and you the fans…. you absolutely PACKED TROPHYS OUT! You all packed that place to capacity so let us say this…. Thank you SO MUCH FOR SHOWING YOUR SUPPORT! We cannot tell you how much it means to us for you to come to our shows night after night and show your support… and in our hometown no doubt…. we are truly humbled! Tonight is Hometown Throwdown Part II and we can’t wait to see all of your faces tonight! We are ready to bring you a show like you have never seen before in your life… So here’s the deal… we are going to give you everything that we have but you have to feed it back to us!

McAlester…… Are You Ready?!

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