What a show!

Our apologies for taking so long to post the review about our show with Jake E. Lee and the Red Dragon Cartel but it has been hectic!

First off Jake E. Lee and the RDC… OH MY GOD! Not only were they amazing but when they hit the stage one more time for their much deserved encore and played none other than Bark At The Moon…. our faces were totally melted! Can we use that as the excuse for the lack of an update? I mean hearing the original play Bark At The Moon with a band that was spot on note for note…. mind numbing and inspiring at the same time!

Moving on to the other bands that were there… Joint Effect and Soul Chamber…. talk about other good bands to share a stage with, these guys brought it! They performed great sets and the night seemed flawless… like nobody could do any wrong! We truly hope to get the opportunity to do this again you all!

Now for us, we opened the show with our new hit single “Find Again” and the crowd immediately went wild, we followed it up with others such as All That’s Left To Take, Unstable, and The Closing… even an excellent cover from Duran Duran that definitely gained us a couple more of loyal fans (you know who you are)! Thank you all for your ever so faithful continued support, thank you for standing at the edge of the stage with outstretched hands and your cameras and phones at the ready for that perfect opportunity, and a special shout out to that one particular fan that literally brought our website up on his cell phone and made his way to the front of the stage to show us! You have no idea how much that made our night that much more special in Oklahoma City, we are forever your fan as well!

Until next time everybody….

-Clark, Dreaux, Jason and Monk

– A Beautiful End –

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Don’t Forget This Saturday!

Hey there fans and friends, we can’t believe that right around the corner is our show with London’s Dungeon at The Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas! Have you got your tickets yet? If not be sure to click that button on the side and purchase your tickets for this huge event! A.B.E will be live at The Rail Club for Troy Knight’s Bollocks of Fun Birthday Bash, for those of you that don’t know Troy Knight is the outstanding lead guitarist for London’s Dungeon and we are expecting the roof to be blown off of The Rail Club! Check out below for the official flyer for this event! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

ABE Rail Club

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