It’s because of you!

Well we are quite speechless to be completely honest. $1300 to be raised and only 5 backers to do it…. that says a lot…. that says that 5 people really truly believed in finishing this project. What you don’t see on our Kickstarter page is the countless amounts of people that supported our shows, bought our merchandise and continued to donate outside of Kickstarter that made this entire album possible!

We are currently wrapping up the mixing and mastering of the final songs with our outstanding partner Mick James… you sir have truly brought this album to life. Thank you to our wonderful label Dark Star Records for taking a chance on us, and to our loyal fans… we won’t let you guys down! We are expecting the album to be available in the beginning of 2016…. we cannot wait for you all to hear this!

Stay tuned and stay loyal everybody, it’s because of YOU that this album is coming to life! Next step after this is putting us in a city nearest you….. keep an eye on the calendar… SEE YOU SOON!


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Kickstarter campaign launched for new album The Life of The Jaded.

You heard that correctly everybody, we have just launched our first ever Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming album The Life of The Jaded. We couldn’t be more proud to share some opportunities with you all and the perks that come with donating is just out of this world! We have done so much already but now we need you to help complete this project, and we know we have the fans to make that happen!

For the first time ever you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to our full length studio album, and depending on your contribution… you may be FEATURED in the credits of this album! HOW CRAZY IS THAT? We racked our brains trying to come up with the best perks and rewards for you donating to our campaign and we think that you all will be very pleasantly surprised.

Don’t take our word for it… go follow the link and see for yourself! Thank you for your continued support and dedication to us… we couldn’t have done it without you!

A Beautiful End Kickstarter Campaign

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