A Beautiful End Interviews with McAlester Matters

You know it’s very seldom that we do interviews, not from lack of interest but lets face it… being a small town band working our way up there just aren’t many opportunities, and even when there is it is at a show and we never see it anywhere… that was until Joseph Tricomo of McAlester Matters Blog contacted us to do a one of a kind exclusive interview with the band at “The Shack” practice house… so naturally we humbly obliged his request.

Let us start off by saying that it was such an outstanding evening, we felt as if we were on cloud nine and batting a thousand that night. All of us were spot on in preparing for our upcoming shows (September 13th 2014 at The Voodoo Lounge in OKC) would be the one we were definitely preparing for as of most recent! The words flowed out effortlessly and our time seemed as if we could have went on all night long.

We are sharing a few excerpts from that amazing interview but will not share the complete interview here, for full coverage please visit McAlester Matters official page. You can find pictures of us a long with fun facts and the full uncensored interview!

“They all seemed bigger than life to me. Intelligent, witty, funny, personable; and extremely musical. Lead singer Dreux Bryans’ voice alone; worth a ticket. They have everything. They are just not famous.”

“A Beautiful End has to be one of McAlester’s best kept secrets. The group once performed for a very enthusiastic crowd of over 3,000. They were the cover band.”

“When you listen to their music; and you will; peal back the layers of pure sound; the expertise of musical locomotion. This band isn’t just a four guys with some drums and guitars playing around.”

There is so much more that you should definitely check out and make sure to drop by their official Facebook page as well and show your support.


Until next time… we love you all… thank you all for the continued rock solid support! It’s because of you that we keep on trucking… one song… one lyric… one stage at a time!


— A Beautiful End —





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ABE Live and Unplugged now available online!

Did you miss our Unplugged show on Mountaineer Radio? Well here is your opportunity to catch all 2 hours and 6 minutes of the show. Raw and UNCUT!

Just click on the following link and check it out! Thank you all for the continued support, and be sure to check our the tour list to see if we’re coming to a city near you. Don’t see us? Be sure to contact us and your local venues to tell them you want to see us live!

A Beautiful End Live and Unplugged:


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A Beautiful End LIVE July 26th at Mountaineer Radio in Wilburton, Oklahoma!

Well we are exactly 2 days away from our “official album release party” with Mountaineer Radio in Wilburton, Oklahoma! We are super excited and have prepared some outstanding acoustic material for you all! We’ll be answering some questions so don’t be shy and get your phone calls in! Who knows, we may even give something away!!! Looking for details for the event? Hop on over to our Tour Page or check out the killer poster below provided by iRock Nation!


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