We’re now on iHeart Radio, and many many more!

A Beautiful End now on iHeartRadio! and many many more!!!

We’ve been working hard to bring you the music you love, on multiple platforms so you can enjoy them how YOU want!

Here’s a complete list of where you can find us!!!

Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet.

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The time has come! Our much anticipated album has made its worldwide debuty today! We could not be more excited to see our album on shelves across the globe, also available online on a major retailer and distributor nearest you! This album has been over a year in the making, thankfully the great people over at Dark Star Records believed in us enough to make our dreams a reality! We would just like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us, iRock Nation (Randy Kaster) for designing some kick ass art for this thing, our Manager Dougo (Doug Sims) for sticking by us through thick and thin and pushing us to keep moving forward, Jeff Swanson (Dark Star Records President) for taking a chance on us and loving our music… don’t know where we’d be at if it wasn’t for you all!

You can get your physical copy at Best Buy and FYE, or order directly from our online merch booth. You can also purchase your digital copy from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Music.

Thank you all for your unrelenting love and support! We love every single one of you guys!

Here’s some links to help you find it easier!

F.Y.E. Stores:…/463…/A-Beautiful-End-Life-of-the-Jaded
Best Buy Stores:
#darkstarrecords #lifeofthejaded


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Hey Fans and Friends!

What an amazing year this has been, you guys have made this year a wonderful year for all of us here at A Beautiful End! We just want each and every one of you to know that we read every single post you send us on social media, we make it a point to try and meet each and every single one of you at the shows and hand sign every thing you hand us! The feeling is so surreal… words cannot in anyway express how grateful we are for each and every one of you that continue to drag yourself out to see a band from McAlester, Oklahoma play on small and big stages alike!

So back to business, the CD Release Party was absolutely amazing everybody! We held it in a small intimate venue where it all started years ago in Wilburton, Oklahoma at Eastern Oklahoma State College. We had our rock brothers Atrus and Sign of Lies from Oklahoma City there to share this special evening with us and you guys made it complete!

With the albums official release date coming up courtesy of our amazing label Dark Star Records and in association with Sony Music Entertainment, Planetworks and MVD, we couldn’t be more excited as we have already seen an expressed interest through social media and our shows!

We have some amazing dates coming up soon including our show with Jackyl in September at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

Until next time….

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So much to say!

Okay we know it’s been forever since we have updated here…. (we update daily if you have us added on Facebook :D). So let us update you on what’s new @ A.B.E HQ!

The Life of The Jaded album is in full swing and due to release worldwide in September 2016! Pre-release special edition autograph copy is being made available courtesy of our amazing label Dark Star Records. Each copy has been hand signed by us and they are selling FAST!  Get yours here <–

We have a huge string of shows going right now so be sure to check out our official tour list and check us out on Bandsintown.

Yes 2016 is shaping up to be one hell of a year and it’s only just beginning… and it’s all because of you! We kicked it off right with Hinder back in February, you can see the official FULL LENGTH CONCERT (A Beautiful End only) on our official YouTube channel…. Click HERE to watch the concert! It was an amazing turnout with an estimated 3400 + in attendance!

So much more still to come, be sure to stay tuned right here on our Official Website and our Official Facebook page!

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It’s because of you!

Well we are quite speechless to be completely honest. $1300 to be raised and only 5 backers to do it…. that says a lot…. that says that 5 people really truly believed in finishing this project. What you don’t see on our Kickstarter page is the countless amounts of people that supported our shows, bought our merchandise and continued to donate outside of Kickstarter that made this entire album possible!

We are currently wrapping up the mixing and mastering of the final songs with our outstanding partner Mick James… you sir have truly brought this album to life. Thank you to our wonderful label Dark Star Records for taking a chance on us, and to our loyal fans… we won’t let you guys down! We are expecting the album to be available in the beginning of 2016…. we cannot wait for you all to hear this!

Stay tuned and stay loyal everybody, it’s because of YOU that this album is coming to life! Next step after this is putting us in a city nearest you….. keep an eye on the calendar… SEE YOU SOON!


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Talk about local support!

It all started on July 17th, 2015… let us paint the picture. 4 great bands, 150 people, 4 1/2 hours of music and it all lead up to the biggest moment in our career! The bands were absolutely amazing… lets start there. We kicked off the night with a pre show VIP Acoustic Show for our VIP ticket holders. There is a video that was shared by a great fan that will give you a better idea, after a 30 minute acoustic set we did some Q&A with our very eager fans and then left the stage. Sign of Lies took the stage first and OH MY GOD they tore it up and really got the night started off right! Following them was a local favorite Shades of Grey and these guys continued the party by tearing it up and burning it down! They performed a load of covers and even some really nice originals in the mix… can you say Standing Ovation!? 3rd band of the night was our great friends and road brothers from Kirra (don’t act like you don’t know them by now!) and they lit the place on FIRE, we couldn’t ask for a better performance from any of the 3 supporting acts… they went above and beyond everybody’s expectations…a huge thank you out to them for being there on this very special night!

10:15 We hit the stage and open up with a track from our upcoming CD titled “Forthcoming” and the crowd erupted! From every lick on the guitar, every smack of the toms, every bass run and every lyric that came out of Dreaux’s mouth… the crowd hung on every single bit of it and gave every ounce of energy back to us that we gave to them! There wasn’t a soul left sitting by the middle of the first song and by the end of the set before the encore… our loyal and very supportive fans knew exactly why they had shown up that night… and so did we! Dougo Sims “our manager” and owner of Sims Entertainment took the stage along side our Marketing and Design Director Randy Kaster and made the label signing official in our home town by presenting us with a framed first run copy of our label signing poster… nice and framed! We then as a band and organization presented an unexpected (to him) copy of the same thing to Randy… actions spoke louder than words that night and we all knew that this is what we had all worked so hard for over the years!

We finished this epic night off with 2  more songs, including one request as we were ending the show with another song that will be on the new album titled “Runaway Child”.

There are many people we would like to thank for this wonderful opportunity and who made all of this possible… from the success, the label signing, the show…

A Beautiful End would like to thank first and foremost God almighty. We’d also like to thank Doug “Dougo” Sims of Sims Entertainment, Randy Kaster of iRock Nation, Sparky Sorenson of Sparkys Video Productions for taping the event… we can only begin to imagine how awesome this is going to be, Dallas Byles (also of iRock Nation) for helping us get some shows hooked up before the label signing show so we could spread the word, Darkstar Records / Sony Music Entertainment / Planetworks / MVD for taking a chance on a couple small timers from South East Oklahoma, all of our friends and family that showed up to work the event (there are so many to name.. you know who you are), you the fans for supporting us and buying our music.. without you this band is nothing more than a few melodies and some lyrics, InTune Guitar Picks for faithfully providing us with guitar picks since the very beginning, Silverfox Percussion for providing Jason with the sticks to slap the skins with, Mike Davis Music and Sound for providing us with equipment at the last minute (that’s some of that home town support y’all!) and last but certainly not least…. MJ Brickey from our local newspaper McAlester News Capital…. thank you for taking a chance on us and for the front page spot! We can not express how much the support means to us!

Please stick around everybody… it’s going to be one hell of a ride.. and you’re all on the train with us!

– A Beautiful End –

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