Still Standing Tall!

First and foremost we would like to apologize to all of our fans for our official website not being updated, due to unforeseen circumstances and the band getting extremely busy, along with social media blowing up… we have been throwing all of our updates on Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much everywhere else we could. We have come to realize that many of our fans visit our website!

There have been a lot of changes as of late. We sadly said goodbye to our former bass player, Monk Lambert, as well as our former front man, Dreaux Bryan. We wish them the best of luck, in all of their future endeavors, it is with their help and dedication that we have come this far, and we are only just beginning!

We proudly welcome new bass player, Ryan Needham, as well as our NEW Frontman, Jesse Weaver! While Ryan did not have previous history with us, Jesse did under a different banner in our earlier years. We welcomed them with open arms and they have done a stellar job since joining!

We also sadly sad goodbye to our long time manager, friend, brother in rock, confidant, and one of our greatest men behind the scenes, Dougo of Sims Entertainment. While Dougo still throws gigs our way, and offers us counseling and advice on all fronts, due to his own personal life and day job becoming overwhelming, he had to step away from a lot of the everyday duties that make this band keep moving forward.

We have still retained Randy Kaster with iRock Nation/iRock Network as our Marketing / Design / Interactive Media and all things badass that is A Beautiful End! He sunk his teeth in years ago with us and is still helping keep us looking good… although sometimes we have to poke him with a stick to get his tail in gear!

We are still proudly signed with Dark Star Records, Jeff Swanson (President and CEO) is still supporting us in ways we never knew were possible. Soon we will be releasing a new single through Dark Star Records titled, “Planted”. It is a revamped song from our former years and we are most certain you are going to enjoy it!

Until next time, make sure you are tuned in to all of our social media outlets so you don’t miss out on the action!


Keep Rocking!

A Beautiful End

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