New album announced, bigger announcements to come soon!

You’ve been seeing the hype all over our official facebook page with little hints and drops here and there so it’s now time to let the first cat, out of the bag!

We have been in the studio relentlessly preparing a brand new studio album, and with the help of a great friend and excellent engineer, it’s going to sound bigger, louder and juicier than ever! The Life of The Jaded is the title for our next studio album and also the title track to one of the songs on the album, this new album will bring you material from us like you have never heard before. If you’ve been to our live shows you may have heard a few of these songs as we have tested them out on ya and found out exactly WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR! Well we listened fans and friends!

We are ahead of schedule and going full steam ahead on this album and we cannot wait for you to hear it! Every aspect has had a complete overhaul and we stepped up to the plate to knock this one out of the park for you. Don’t just take our word for it, you will have the opportunity to hear it for yourself the moment it drops live!

What’s the other big announcement you may ask? Well…… guess you’re going to have to stay tuned for that….

Until next time………

A Beautiful End

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