We are honored….

You know when you’re a small town band from McAlester, Oklahoma you always wonder if your music is truly getting out there to people, is it reaching people? Who’s it reaching? It wasn’t until we received a message via our Facebook Fanpage (omg i know bands actually read it!) that we got our humbler. We were contacted by a U.S. Marine and was notified that we have more than just our local fans out here in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Normally when we are approached by fans we are as ecstatic as 13 y/o girls at a (and forgive us for saying this) Bieber or One Direction concert. But to have a hard working Marine reach out to us to let us know that him and his battle buddies love our music and what we’re doing and that we have fans out there in our Armed Services…. that’s huge for us… that’s why we do what we do… it’s because of YOU IN THE BEST DAMN MILITARY IN THE WORLD that we can climb on that stage each night and have the freedom to perform our music to the people of this great nation!

So from all of us at A Beautiful End….. Thank you for everything and to that one Marine (who we will not name because we don’t have permission) that reached out to a rock band in South East Oklahoma…. Thank you for everything….. we salute you all!

Drew, Clark, Jason, Monk and everybody else here at the camp!

-A Beautiful End-

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